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Here at J-Eurus IR, we have seen many successes and failures in the IR activities of Japanese companies. We have also provided support to many companies in contingencies. We offer a variety of IR programs tailored to provide Japanese customers with IR consulting services based on these experiences and our expertise.

We can provide IR programs such as those shown below tailored to suit your situation.

Is your organization properly structured to conduct effective IR?

Many companies fail to offer effective IR due to the weak position of their IR teams, insufficient internal information or a lack of support from management. J-Eurus IR recommends the following programs in order to improve internal IR system.


Are you satisfied with the simple implementation of shareholder identification?

Shareholder identification surveys are a popular means of understanding the state of shareholders which cannot be traced through a company’s registered shareholder list. Despite this, can your company claim to have discussed why such surveys are necessary or how the survey results can be utilized?
J-Eurus IR not only conducts shareholder identification surveys on behalf of clients, but also recommends what IR activities should be adopted based on the results.


Do you have a corporate defense plan for use in contingencies?

In the current market environment, there is a possibility that many Japanese companies will face contingencies in the near future.
Have you already established internal systems and external systems in preparation for contingencies? J-Eurus IR provides contingency plans as corporate defense measures started in normal conditions.
We also provide Japanese companies facing contingencies with special assistance programs for immediately responding to such situations.
Please contact us for details.


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