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J-Eurus IR delivers a monthly newsletter produced by our staff on the latest topics.

  • Mar. 2018 Vol.147 Follow-up Analyses of IR and SR Trends
  • Feb. 2018 Vol.146 Revision of Corporate Governance Code and Corporate Pension Funds
  • Jan. 2018 Vol.145 New Trends in IR and SR
  • Dec. 2017 Vol.144 Top 10 News Items at J-EURUS in 2017
  • Nov. 2017 Vol.143 Trends in Investment in Japanese Shares
  • Oct. 2017 Vol.142 Corporate Governance Reform in Japan
  • Spt. 2017 Vol.141 IR Team and ESG Engagement
  • Aug. 2017 Vol.140 Report of Financial Results Presentation
  • Jul. 2017 Vol.139 Recent Trend in Proxy Voting Guideline
  • Jun. 2017 Vol.138 Discussion at NIRI Annual Conference